SSAS Overview

A SSAS (Small Self Administered Scheme) is a company pension scheme, with 11 or less members, where the members are Trustees and determine the investment policy.


  • It is an occupational pension scheme established in accordance with the provisions of Chapter II Part IV of the Finance Act 2004.
  • A SSAS is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
  • SSAS are occupational schemes and are suitable for directors of private companies.
  • They are most commonly used for family businesses.
Requirements and Restrictions
  • MC Trustees only acts as scheme practitioner on new SSAS; either the main Sponsoring Employer or trustees must act as scheme administrator. We have a Practitioner Agreement which outline the services we do and do not provide.
  • The SSAS must open a main bank account with our default bank, on which MC Trustees must be a co-signatory. A balance of £5,000 must be maintained at all times.
  • Proposed investments need to be cleared in advance by MC Trustees.
  • We will require audited scheme accounts from an accountant each year to complete the required HMRC returns on behalf of the SSAS.
  • Each SSAS must be registered individually with HMRC. There is a new, more detailed application process now in place; whilst we will help with this process, you should be aware that HMRC may take several months to register your pension scheme. Until the scheme has been registered, contributions and transfers in cannot be made.
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How do I apply for a SSAS?

  • Please contact us we can send you the relevant documentation by email or post to complete.

How do I put money into a SSAS?

  • Contributions are usually paid in by a company and treated as a business expense when calculating corporation tax.  They may also be paid by a member.
  • Each member is subject to an Annual Allowance for all contributions (personal and employer) which is £40,000 for the 2017/18 and 2018/19 tax years. If this is breached, there is a tax charge on the SSAS member personally. There is, however, a carry-forward provision for the Annual Allowance.
  • There is more information on employer contributions and the Annual Allowance on the HMRC website.

How do I get money out of a SSAS?

  • You can take a tax free lump sum of up to 25% of your fund.
  • You can draw a pension from your fund.
  • You can buy an annuity to secure your pension.
  • All pensions are subject to income tax through PAYE.
  • You can use the flexi-access provisions introduced in April 2016 to access the whole of your fund
  • You can leave your fund to your dependants (subject to current tax laws).

What can a SSAS invest in?

  • We do not provide or have any links to any investments, as our aim is to provide our clients with the widest possible investment choice, but see below:
  • We will not permit some investments and may restrict the amount that can be invested in certain other investments. This is if our due diligence indicates that there may be adverse tax consequences in making such an investment, or because we have concerns that a particular investment or investment type is likely to have been mis-sold, promoted illegally or simply a scam.
  • The SSAS can lend money to the Sponsoring Employer subject to conditions laid down in legislation. In essence these state that any loan must be on a capital and interest basis and be secured via a legal charge. For full details please contact the office
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